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. the 45-year-old is accused of e-mailing a death threat to him over the san francisco lawmaker 's push for tighter gun control. the e-mail was unsealed by the court and reads "i have 39 confirmed kills in afghanistan. don't make me get to 40." he misspelled the word "afghanistan." in february three assault weapons were found and detonated numerous explosive materials at the house and he faces ten felony accounts. the senator said the threats have had no impact on the gun control efforts. >> palo alto are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman and robbing her. the suspect is seen on video on friday, arranging for a personal massage at the glass slipper and when she arrived he pull a knife, robbed her, and assaulted her. a police dog could not track him down. >> san francisco trovessor -- supervisor is holding a hearing to find out how much america's cup costs the taxpayers revealing the status of efforts to raise $32 million from private sources. the latest estimate puts the economic benefit for the bay area at $780 million around half of the $1.4 billion originally es
, and san francisco city attorney, along with chief justice john roberts' lesbian cousin, a san francisco woman, hoping to marry her partner. >> many people in the bay area are paying close attention. same-sex marriage advocates make their feelings known loud and clear. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is live at san francisco city hall. kira? >> kristen, good morning to you. supporters of marriage for same-sex couples will be here as the supreme court hears the historic case on the heels of a huge march last night, the largest at castro and market street, the largest in years. we had video. you can seat marchers went through market street to the steps of city hall where we are now. the rallying cries of marchers were louder and several thousand joined the march, escorted by police. on the eve of today's hearing, this is the clear message to the woman cindy wants to marry. >> it is real deal. traditions are not just for straight people. i want to get married. i hope she says yes and the supreme court says yes. we will be there. >> two women from berkeley and two men from burbank are the co
. >> san francisco city crews will try to repair the damage caused by a natural gas leak. it forced evacuation of five homes near 25th and alabama. we were over the leak minutes after a backhoe sliced into a 2" gas line. the work crews punched two holes in the pavement to get to the leak when they shut it out after an hour. >> in hayward the last part of the downtown traffic look loop begins tonight and through the weekend. this animation provided by the city shows how the loop works. it starts at the intersection of foothill boulevard, mission and jackson street. it is designed to ease congestion and make downtown access easier as part of the highway 238 corridor improvement project. construction wraps up in time for monday morning commute. >> tonight a $2 million repaving project begins at the ferry terminal making a tough parking situation worse. most of the work will be performed on the weekend to minimize the impact on the ferry riders but officials say it will take several months to complete. four to five rows of parking will close from 8:00 p.m. on friday and 5:30 a.m. on mon
rosa and 39 in novato and 37 in napa. all the mid-to-upper 40's throughout the bay shore, san francisco, mountain view, 47, oakland, hayward, san jose, 45, and 43 in concord and livermore. through the afternoon hours we will have mostly blue skies, no lightning. and a lot of sunshine. we will have temperatures starting off in the 30's, the 40's, and around 60 at the coast and 74 inland this afternoon and during the evening hours we are in the 50's to 60's. sue? >> thanks. the lightning is still going off behind your head and that is distracting. hopefully that is not the case for the morning drive. the san mateo bridge, fog free, visibility is good and the tail lights headed westbound on the flat section and everything is moving nicely and very, very light conditions on the bay bridge right new with an early state of the stall eastbound, and otherwise, just road work and we will look at your eastbound out of the central valley, and maybe we will not look at it...there we go. the maps are slow to move this monday morning. eastbound 580 from greenville to north flynn until 11:00. highway
works here. >> thanks. 4:34. san francisco police are trying to figure out if a hit-and-run accident left an injured man lying in the street. he was found last night at 11:0 p.m. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and police are hoping that anyone who knows what happened will come forward. >> in santa rosa, two men arrested for triple homicide near forestville face arraignment. the 38-year-old and 46-year-old men both from colorado are accused of murder, burglary, and conspiracy. the father of one is also in custody. the three victims were found shot to death in a home last month. sonoma sheriff say the suspects and victims were pot dealers or buyers. >> there are calls from a peninsula congresswoman for hearings into a troubling rape case involving santa cruz cop killer goulet. she wants it know why two rape cases against goulet while in the army were dropped in change for accepting less than honorable discharge saying he could have been in jail rather than preying on women and killing two police detectives. goulet ambushed sergeant butch laker and elizabeth butler b
, marci, live from a windy rome. >> winds of change. >> in san francisco, a massive thanksgiving for pope francis is held at st. mary's cathedral at noon, the archbishop points out that the new pontiff took his name from the same saint that san francisco is named after. he has also asked that every par inor institution which has a mass today celebrate a massive thanksgiving for the new pope. >> from the caribbean, there is trouble on another carnival cruise ship "dream." it is dropped in st. martin. passengers are saying the ship has no power and toilets are overflowing. they say they have been docked for 14 hours and are not being allowed off the ship. the coast guard said they have not been notified of issues with the ship which is customary. this is a month after a fire on another carnival cruise ship that stranded passengers. >> from the south bay, police investigated a high school field trip during which a registered sex offender was allowed to ride the bus with students. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is live at the high school in san jose. what happened, amy? apologies to you
in san francisco and more than 3" in deficit in san jose. today we are starting off cool with clear conditions, 30's to mid-40's. the clouds will increase through the afternoon. a mild day with democrats in -- with temperatures in the upper 50's at 4:00, and mid-50's at the coast and upper 50's to low 60's. tomorrow the clouds will be getting thicker and drop rain in the evening. the best chance of rain is tuesday night into wednesday morning with lingering showers wednesday afternoon and the day on thursday looks brighter. >> golden gate bridge is free with no road work. it is a nice drive. from the tunnel into san francisco, it is nice. you will not be able to pay cash after the 27th to get across the golden gate bridge. we have a solo spin out in central lafayette westbound 24 to the right shoulder. checking the drive from the central valley right now, it is looking good with a lot of green. that is what we like to see coming up and over the pass into livermore. >> it was a plot right out of the movies the daring prison break involving helicopters that almost worked. >> the parki
live coverage begins here at 11 a.m. >> a suspected carjacker who was shot by san francisco police last night is expected to survive. the shooting happened after a chase through the bayview district. the driver of a stolen bmw was cornered. police say he backed into an officer trying to arrest him. >> the officer was knocked to the ground. the bmw re-positioned itself and about to go forward and the officer was vulnerable and could have been seriously injured or killed. two brother officers fired at the bmw striking the driver one time. >> he says that the bmw was stolen the day before and the carjacker had a shotgun. police are looking into whether the same suspect may have been involved with a series of recent armed robberies. >> this is the latest in a string of officer-involved shootings. there have been six the past week, two in san francisco including last night, and one in guerneville, hayward, union city, and san jose. >> we have an update on the faith hayward shooting. police now say they unintentionally shot and killed a 19-year-old passenger of a car that rammed a police vehi
angeles and san francisco if the build -- if the money is there. a report supports the estimates of the statement of how much money it would generate but that will not silence critics who are scent california. the report raises questions of whether the $39 billion in federal money needed to pay for construction will really be there in an age of shrinking budgets. >> the brand new tom lantos tunnel at devil's slide tunnel will have lane closures today because of striping work. the work will begin at 9:00 in the morning and last until 3:00 in the afternoon. one lane of traffic will be open at all times so you can get by. the project opened monday on the san mateo county coast after years of delays. >> all you have to do now is find your way to the tunnels through the fog. >> what do we have out there? by the way, it is foggy friday. >> foggy friday. >> lisa has more. lisa? >> good morning, everyone. we are starting out with visibility reduced to near nothing at our coast. half moon bay, you have very dense fog and novato three quarter visibility with 1.25 in santa rosa. it will be
bus in san francisco is recovering from life-threatening injuries. the accident happened yesterday afternoon around 3:00 near 19th avenue. a spokesman said the woman, in her 20's, was in the right-of-way of the light rail train and no one else was hurt. >> sheriff deputies and dogs will search a union city creek for more clues after the discovery of a human skull. a teenager playing in the creek found the bones. officials say the skull is not native american because it has fillings. if more bones are found officials could consider a full excavation. >> it is exciting morning for students at three high schools who will watch their science experiments be launched into space. the space rocket will launch at 7:10 pacific time. there are experiments from san jose's valley christian high school and fremont christian high school and los gatos high school. the schools sent 11 experiments which are now load on the rocket destined for delivery to the international space station. way to go, guys! >> how far can they see the rocket before it disappears in the fog? >> mike? >> the cloud cover h
the memorial with sheriff and firefighters and emergency responders. >> the san francisco police department is on alert after a high-powered rifle was stolen from a police car. a high ranking member says the ar15 was taken yesterday from an unmarked car like this one. we are told the car was locked. the assault rifle was properly secured. detectives do not know if the thief was specifically looking for the rifle. an alert went to all officers to look out for the weapon. the man accused of killing a bay area rapper in las vegas on the strip will appear los angeles superior court. ammar harris seen in this video faces extradition from california to nevada. the 26-year-old self described pitch was arrested in north hollywood ending a week-long manhunt following the february 21 shooting. police say harris fired at least five shots in a mazurati sports car. he killed kenneth cherry jr., an oakland rapper. two others died when his car slammed into a tax after he was shot. >> in los gatos there could be a ban on selling any guns in the city. it applies only to new guns after neighbors voices conce
. the two are held on felony charges in san jose. >> an assault rifle stolen from a san francisco police car on saturday has been recovered. police have released few details of how or where they got the weapon back. the ar-15 was taken from an unmarked car like this one which was parked and locked while officers were working in the market neighborhood. it is only issued to specially trained officers. >> a memorial is held on thursday for the two santa cruz police officers shot and killed in the line of duty last tuesday. a motorcade is scheduled to start at 8:45 on ocean street. the memorial for detective sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler was moved to the pavilion in san jose. the service will start at noon. we will broadcast it live going at 11:00 a. on abc7 news and at abc7news.com. >> two bay area cities are considering major gun control measures today. the san francisco board of supervisors is looking at two proposals. one measure would require ammunition dealers to notify police when anyone in san francisco buys more than 500 rounds in a single transaction. the other p
. american canyon, napa, sonoma, you will get wet again. you can see this crosses over into san francisco right along near at&t park and headed down to the south and over near oakland and 7th. right now we have a little bit of rain an the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge and 237 from mountain view and sunnyvale toward milpitas and san jose reporting light rain and sunol grade through the tri-valley, light rain right now. east of those areas it is headed your way. we have periods of rain through the morning commute and it switches to showers at noon which become scattered in the afternoon and by the evening hours, a dry push air will move in and it will be breezy and windy and brighter, thursday, friday, and saturday with temperatures near normal if not above away from the coast. >> we have a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see drops of water on the camera so there is light rain and wet roads so a great idea and you need to give your extra extra move to move. light conditions on the bay bridge with no delays here. the green on the map shows wet roads not where i
are going to undress when they stage another protest against the ban on public newtity in san francisco. a federal judge ruled against an appeal filed by feud activists last week claiming the ban is unconstitutional. a federal judge previously ruled the nudity was not protected as an expression of free speech. san francisco's law took affect on february 1. today's protest me begins at noonan at front steps of city hall. >> this morning, golden gate bridge officials are expected to approve a plan to raise the fee limit at toll plaza. right now, five miles per hour is the recommended speed in fast track lanes. officials want to raise that to 25 miles per hour to help traffic flow and all electronic toll collection begins on wednesday since drivers do not have to slow to pay the toll. if you are up sure how to pay we have all the information on the openings for drives on our website, abc7news.com on "see it on t." ground breaking in san francisco on a major new building on the ucsf mission bay campus, building a new global health and clinical science building at the corner of 3rd and 16th.
francisco and san bruno and oakland and 3.5" in san jose and livermore and you can see we need more rain. we have a transition that will be breezy at times with a few clouds but a bright are day. we start off in the 40's this morning and hanging out mainly in the mid to upper 50's and in the low-to-mid 60's at 4:00, and back near the upper 50's by 7:00. looking ahead, it will be breezy tomorrow with temperatures above average and we will have high clouds and sunshine for saturday and for sunday. temperatures are running above average at the coast. we will be in mid-to-upper 50's. >> it is thursday. we have clear conditions on the golden gate bridge, two lanes for the southbound drive right now but that will be reconfigured to road lanes. there is road work up the waldo before the tunnel and then it is wide open. the two right lanes are blocked for road work for the time being. on the peninsula we also have road work exiting, southbound, 101 embarcardero road to shore lean for about 20 minutes and san leandro area, northbound 880, also, road work there and in oakland, northbound 880, they are
of millions in activity activity but a last it is in san francisco the official host city. the nfl will choose the 2016 super bowl host city on may 22. >> a new poll finds support for same-sex marriage is at a new high. the washington post/abc news poll finds 58 percent of americans now say gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry a significant increase from 44 percent just three years ago the poll finds opposition to same-sex marriage has dropped from 55 percent to 36 circumstances in the last decade. the poll comes a week before the supreme court takes up the issue of gay marriage. >> former santa clara supervisor is due in court april 30 for sentencing as part of a plea dole. he pled guilty in a santa clara courtroom yesterday to 12 charges connected to misspending taxpayer money. the prosecution says he used public money and campaign funds to feed the gambling adecisions and for parties and golf. he faces a year in jail and is barred from ever holding public office in california again. >> mike was warning that today is the day some of us will see rain. my son has baseball practice thi
in how a girl wound up with an arrow through her 35. >> the ground-breaking today will give san francisco new bragging rights in the record books but first the tech bytes. >> t-mobile will sell the iphone next month. t-mobile will charge less for the apple device and will not require a contract. you will see more targeted ads when you log on to facebook, expanding their customized advertising system into the news feed with updates from facebook friends. it is not on sale but google glass is raising questions, some say the glasses make it too easy to spy on someone. some worry that drivers can watch videos and play games while they drive. hands free video gaming is possible this year at the ball parks, specifically in the men's room of a minor league stadium in pennsylvania. the gaming system will let fans at the lehigh valley iron pigs play hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush
in the accusations. the charges were dropped for lack of credible evidence. >> this morning, san francisco assembly man will unveil a bill that could kill gun shows at the cow palace which sits on state-owned property straddles san francisco and san mateo county line requiring supervisors from both counties to approve any gun show permit. that is almost impossible requirement for show organizers to meet. the last show in january had a record town out coming days after the sandy hook elementary school shootings. >> in san francisco police are searching if a person who fired into a car. the pat jury was -- the passenger was shot in the chest. the driver sped off looking for help and stopped where a parking control agent called 9-1-1. the victim is in his 30's. his wounds are not life threatening. >> in 18 days the toll lanes of the golden gate bridge will be drive through only with though -- no more human toll takers going march 27. the workers have been receiving lay off noticed. drivers can pay through fast track or set up a license plate account or zip law and be billed player. you can pre-pay at
's in san francisco tonight and tomorrow night. the series will then switch to the oakland colisieum on saturday afternoon. giants start the season on monday taking on the dodgers in los angeles. the a's will be at home hosting seattle on monday night. >> fans can delight in some new food at at&t ball park. wayne gives us a taste of some of the new additions. >> a sign of the promises season: arrival of heavy metal on wheels, cars shipped in from spring training and the field that makes you hungry for something like this? it is a sushi burrito. a tasty sushi burrito. >> in fact, most everyone here was eating as the world series champions put out a world-class spread of major league food. all kinds. do you remember how the giants accidentally spilled so much of the mum duffle the championship run? it is here and available this season. the for stuff is $140 a bottle. they ored us some. we are not allowed to bring it on television, that is fcc law, did you know that? >> it smells good. >> absolutely. >> look at her. taste good too. didn't see a thing, did new. >> no. >> also, red and wh
for san francisco at 47. in the afternoon we have isolated showers that will build through noon. the heaviest showers and wide-spread coverage is from 4:00 until 9:00 this evening. once the storm passes, this is the second act we talked about a dry push of air for tomorrow and sunshine with seasonal air. >> we have an accident, a big rig that is off the roadway southbound 680 and you may see activity with tow trucks trying to get the big rig on the road wait a minute right now we don't have any significant delays in the area. north 66 to high street, north 880, from 66 to high, we have road work in the lanes for a few more minutes, 20 more minutes. also, southbound, 880 from 237 to the great mall parkway you have road work in the lanes. >> the man brought in to clean up oakland's crime problem speaks for the first time on his plans for the city. bratton talks about the practice of "stop and frisk." the switch to day light savings will cost us an hour of sleep but there is a push to ease the pain. now this morning's tech bytes. >> microsoft is apologizing for not obeying a europe
and santa rosa and mid-40's in san francisco, to the upper 40's around oakland. the rest of the morning, look for 30's and 40's with the fog in the north bay, napa and santa rosa and mississippi with the brisk wind and sea breeze to the upper 60's well inland, though. the temperatures anywhere from two to four degrees cooler with a sea breeze tonight. the fog will keep the numbers up a little bit overnight. sue? >> traffic is flowing nicely in the macarthur maze through the berkeley curve on the incline. everyone is at the limit with no delays here which is great news. still some road work in the lanes. we will go to the south bay area where we have the on-ramp to northbound 680 which is closed for another hour until 6:00 this morning, and in oakland, that road work should be picking up any minute, northbound 880 at high street, the two left lanes and the drive from tracy to the altamont pass, you can see a little bit of slowing from the central valley but otherwise the speeds up up through livermore and through dublin/pleasanton. >> new this morning, it took years of construction but t
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21